Bynum Real Estate specializes in the procurement and management of real estate investments. We maximize investment return by quickly filling vacancies with great tenants who will care for your property at or above market rent. We have established a fee structure that aligns our interests with yours. Our fees are based exclusively on collected rent. If your apartment goes vacant, we do not get paid. This simple approach ensures that we make decisions that add value to your property. Our comprehensive property management services include:  
  • Complete property marketing. Market surveys conducted for every lease renewal and every vacancy to ensure optimized rent. Advertising creation, implementation, and placement, at no additional cost. Our Open House tours reflect our commitment to filling your property, and ensure that demand builds sufficiently.  
  • Tenant Screening and Lease Signing. It all starts with finding the RIGHT tenant for your property. We offer extensive background checks to ensure a good fit at no cost to owner. We also sign all paperwork and conduct all move-in procedures.  
  • Tenant Evictions and Other Legal Proceedings. Rarely necessary because of our extensive background searches.
  • Monthly and Year-End Financial Statements. Developed with an Executive Summary, these provide you with financial and anectdotal insights into the operation of your property in a reader-friendly format.
  • Knowledgeable and Available Maintenance Personnel. We have a certified electrician, a roofer/plumber, and a general handyman at your disposal. Our personnel take great pride in their work, and perform high quality jobs at very compelling rates.
  • 24-Hour Maintenance AND Leasing. We recognize that this is a 24-hour business. We show properties on weekends and evenings, in addition to weekdays in order to fill your vacancies as fast as possible.
  • Payment of All Invoices and Bills. A bookkeeper on staff pays all of your bills, including mortage payments, vendor invoices, property taxes, insurance, and utilities.

If you would like to free up your time and/or improve the financial performance of your real estate investments, please call us now at (408) 267-5110. Thank you.

Brett Bynum